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Infant/Toddler Teething Rings

I don’t usually write posts for or about the little ones enrolled in our baby home, but I found the coolest item when I took my 14 year old to see her pediatrician this morning.  The teething ring/toddler toothbrush pictured above was in the display cabinet.   What a great way to help a child become accustomed to inserting a toothbrush in his/her mouth.  And yes, I know toddlers will put anything into their mouths, but when it comes to brushing many will fight it.  I should know as the 14 year old was a prime example of a toddler/preschooler who fought the toothbrushing and dental visits.  It cost me a $50.00 Tinkerbell Halloween costume to get the first dental xrays!  And that was after several visits where she refused to put the films in her mouth.  Our dentist eventually sent films home for her to practice with!

While looking for these teething rings online I came across Dental Care for Infants and Children.  It addresses the importance of caring for baby teeth.   Through all the years of operating our child care homes I have seen a few cases of children’s teeth becoming decayed to the point where those children had to endure preventable dental work.  For this reason Little Pandas Preschool encourages parents to wean their children off bottles as soon as possible.  While at school children consume all liquids and food at the table and are not permitted to carry those items into the play areas.

I found the teething rings at 900-902 Infant Safety Brushes – Tess Oral Health – Infant brush, Brush teether combo brush, Safety toothbrush.  I’ll have to  do some more research to see if I can find a site where they can be purchased in smaller quantities.  They may be available from your child’s pediatrician or dentist.

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