Water Music!

owen bowls

What could be more fun than playing in water on a hot summer day? Making music AND playing in water! I came across a video at Child’s Play Music and just had to try this with our children. We’re only on day two, but the activity is so open ended that I’m sure it will be out for the rest of the summer!

ellie glasses 1

bella squirt bottle












We began by rounding up all the colored plastic items we use for our light unit and put those in water tubs with some utensils including chopsticks and wooden spoons to use as strikers. The colors in the bright morning sun were beautiful and attracted the kids to the table.

green cups

owen pouring










The children began exploring sounds by pouring water from different heights to hear loud and soft sounds as well as fast and slow sounds. They also learned about high and low sounds. They experimented making sounds with containers both above and below water. Comparisons were also made with filled and empty containers. Differences between metal, plastic, and wood sounds were also discovered.

group playing cups

owen lids










Metal objects including pan lids and several sizes of mixing bowls were added to the table this morning. The children loved the sounds from the mixing bowls!


owen blue spoons










I’m sure the children will make more discoveries about sound and water throughout the summer as we add other objects to the water center.

Little Pandas Preschool

2 responses to “Water Music!

  1. I’m so glad you liked my water pay and music play post on Child’s Play Music, and it’s great to see my ideas being put into practice. Thanks for linking to my post too 🙂

    I’ve recently added a couple of new blog posts: the first about sourcing and choosing scrap metal for home-made musical instruments that are great for ECE and young children, the second about how to build a simple safe and very strong PVC frame to house the scrap metal instruments.

    Here’s the first post http://childsplaymusic.com.au/2013/06/28/turn-scrap-metal-into-musical-instruments-sourcing-and-choosing-metal/ and there’s a link to the second post at the end of the first post.

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