Learning Chinese Characters at Preschool

3 part cards izzy

The preschool class is learning to read and write Chinese characters.   We’re beginning with numbers and then will progress to other simple characters.  A variety of methods are being used to facilitate learning.

The Montessori 3 part card method is being use to introduce the characters. Children are shown a whole card with a picture and the Chinese character beneath the picture. The whole cards are placed on the table and then matched with the corresponding pictures and characters.

3 part cards elijah






The iPad is being used as a tactile method to facilitate writing. Our Chinese teacher shows children the correct order in which to write the characters. Children then practice writing and can do the activity as many times as they want since the sheet can be erased and reused. Children’s work can then be shared with parents through email.

ipad 4 marcus

ipad 4 chase











After completing the Montessori 3 part cards and the iPad exercises children are ready to write the characters on paper worksheets.

worksheet max

worksheet bella












Little Pandas Preschool

8 responses to “Learning Chinese Characters at Preschool

  1. I would love to have the instructions and cards…for both numbers, letters and some simple words. Are these available or shareable? We always try to celebrate the Chinese New Year and that would be a wonderful addition to our curriculum. Thanks Debra

    • I make most of my own materials for the children. If you send me an email I can send the cards to you with directions for writing in Chinese. Pauline

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to teach my 3 year old son basic Chinese numbers and characters. I prefer the traditional Chinese teaching instead of the pinyin. Would you mind sharing some printable materials to me? I would really appreciate it. I could not find your email add here or I would’ve just sent you a private message. Thank you.

  3. Phoebe Yang Watkin

    I would love this too — and to know where to find the ipad app. Looks really great.

    • Hi Phoebe:
      The iPad app we use is GoodNotes. I create PDF worksheets and then put them in GoodNotes for the children to use.

  4. Phoebe Yang Watkin

    Thank you so much, Pauline! So helpfful!

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