Playing with Light & Shadows

Playing with flashlights and creating spooky shadows is a perfect science activity for Halloween!  The kids have made some great observations about light and shadows. 

They learned that shadows can be large or small depending on the distance the light is from the object.

After some discussion about the color of shadows the children experimented with white and black paper and concluded that shadows are black.

The flashlights are a very popular item, so I will need to buy a few more!

Little Pandas Preschool

2 responses to “Playing with Light & Shadows

  1. Any suggestions for a librarian who would like to do a shadows and light themed story time?
    Amy L

  2. I’m sure there are possibilities for a story time setting, but I never thought to do this during circle time. During center time the kids may work where they choose, so we set the kids free with flashlights and construction paper figures to explore as they want. I think it would also depend on what stories are being presented to the kids. If I were telling stories about constellations I might use flashlights and black construction paper with holes punched to simulate the constellations. If I were telling Halloween stories I might use the flashlights to make scary faces or do hand shadows. Obviously it is a perfect activity for this time of year.

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