Our New Light Table!

I have been wanting a light table for many years and finally asked Kerry to build one.  We’re still working out some issues such as the number of lights needed, but it is functional and the kids are loving it!  

The kids are playing with Halloween gel window clings.  The colors are vibrant and the Halloween figures makes the activity irresistible for the kids.

With the approaching holidays coming the light table is a perfect addition to our preschool.  I have so many fun ideas planned for its use.

Little Pandas Preschool


2 responses to “Our New Light Table!

  1. i love the picture of your light table, I’m a special needs preschool teacher and want one too!! Would who ever built yours be willing to share some info about what works best and how they made it. I’m hoping our shop teacher at the highschool might be able to make us one. I’m sure it is less expensive to build than buy – did you find that? The kids look like they could stay there all day!! Gail

    • The kids love the light table and We’ve found so many creative ideas for its use. My husband built it after I showed him some early childhood catalogs. He drew up plans and built it from there, and yes, it was cheaper to build our own. I think we saved about $250.00. I’m sure a high school shop class could easily build it. My husband died in November, so obviously I can’t ask him for his plans, but I’m sure the shop teacher could do that for you. Pauline

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