Our New Chinese Teacher

Yiwen, our temporary Chinese teacher, is going back to school, so Gloria has joined our staff permanently.  Gloria is absolutely fabulous!  I had the opportunity to work with her twice this week, and she is amazing.  She is wonderful with the kids and interacts playfully with them keeping them engaged in her lessons.  Our goal is to provide as close to an immersion environment as is possible for the children.  To make this goal attainable Gloria speaks primarily to the children in Chinese throughout their daily activities.  

After everyone arrives we begin our day with music circle time and sing both Chinese and English songs.  During circle time Gloria taught the children transportation vocabulary with flannelboard figures.  After circle time we showed the children all the centers in our classroom and the activities in each.  The children then chose the centers they wanted to work in.  Gloria rotated through the centers working with each individual child reinforcing the concept being worked on as well as introducing Chinese vocabulary.  Today the children chose to work at the math, science, language arts, sensory, and art centers.

This week the children are learning about measurement.  The children took out the yardsticks to measure the classroom carpet.   They also wanted to explore with the rulers that are set out at the science table.  After laying out the yardsticks and rulers Gloria counted them with the children.   Next Gloria extended the activity by having the children jump across the yardsticks and pretend to be rabbits, kangaroos, and frogs.  All of this was done in Chinese!

Little Pandas Preschool


2 responses to “Our New Chinese Teacher

  1. I love your outside area, and especially love the large balance. I’ll have to have my husband make me one now. 🙂 Thanks for the specs on it, and thanks for sharing your website.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been doing a lot of research this summer, so my husband has a whole list of projects to make:)

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