Preschool Prep

Kerry is building a light table.

I’m a member of Provider’s Playground, a national email list, for childcare and preschool teachers.  Over Labor Day weekend I noticed several of my colleagues were getting ready for the upcoming school year as did I and my family.  Many created new materials while others revamped their preschool spaces.  Much hard work and time goes into planning curriculum for both preschool and childcare programs.

This past weekend my family worked on many of the projects the children will benefit from.  Here are a few of the items produced:

Misty-Jade and Amber painted the yardsticks.

Misty-Jade prepared a language project for the children.

Kerry is putting up a new hanging wall to hide the furnace in the art room.

Misty-Jade did an internet search for transportation pictures to make flannel board figures.

She traced about a dozen images onto interfacing.

Misty-Jade used acrylic paints to finish the figures. The flannel board figures are used by our Chinese teacher to help the children learn new vocabulary.

This is the completed language arts center. There are about 6 activities the children can choose from. Activities will be rotated throughout the year.

Little Pandas Preschool

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