Preschoolers Learn about Measurement

After much preparation our school year has begun.    This year the children will participate in several ongoing science units including movement and motion, weather, space, human body, insects, light, sound, plants and nutrition.  Other subject areas including music, math, language, and Chinese will be integrated within each unit study.  

Yesterday the children began their science activities with a short unit exploring measurement.  The children were given yardsticks painted in a variety of colors to measure large objects in our gym.  First we measured each child to see how tall he was in relation to the yardstick.  Next the children measured the gym mats, tables, and cubbies.  As each yardstick was put down English and Chinese number cards were set next to the yardstick.  As the unit progresses the children will learn about rulers and inches.  The measurement skills the children learn will be used throughout the year in each of our science units.

Little Pandas Preschool


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