Giant Balance Info

Some people have expressed an interest in the directions to make the giant balance.  I saw this on another site and asked my husband to build it, so we made some assumptions and with some trial and error this is the finished product.  The height is 35″ and the width of the balance arm is 35.5″.  The post is 34″ tall and 4.5″ wide.  The base is 16″ x 7.25″.   3/4″ birch furniture grade plywood was used to construct the balance.  It was waxed so that we can use it with water as well as other materials

The balance arm sits on an acorn nut which is enclosed  in a metal sleeve.  Wing nuts are used to adjust the balance on the arms.  The clear paint buckets were purchased from Michaels.  They’re actually made out of clear plastic that isn’t very sturdy, but worked well for now until I can find something better.  The heavy duty blue twist ties were found at the local hardware store.   The pink and green plastic balls came from Walmart.  

The balls are a great visual tool for children to begin their first exploration with weight.  The kids can easily see what is happening, count the balls, and adjust the number of balls in the buckets.  After playing with the balls they began exploring other objects and could compare them with the original  balls which became the standard unit of measurement.



One response to “Giant Balance Info

  1. Thank you so much for posting this – I hope to find somone to help me build one soon!

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