Look at our Giant Balance!

Kerry has spent the last couple weeks building this giant balance that I saw on the internet and just had to have for this year’s science projects. It’s the perfect toy for our outdoor water and sand table.

Today the kids just experimented with the balance and weighed different amounts of sand.

Water was the next obvious choice to try out on the balance. A soaker hose has been wound through the shrubs, tree, and over the playhouse to create “rain” on hot summer days. The kids decided filling their measuring cups from the “rain” was ideal.

We’ll continue to experiment and compare other things this week. We’ll look at wet and dry sand, water and sand, water and river pebbles, sand and pebbles and whatever else the kids want to weigh.

13 responses to “Look at our Giant Balance!

  1. What a fantastic idea! I love it!

  2. Hi, I just saw this fantastic balance on Pinterest and I came in. I have to build one for our Montessori school ! Do you have more tips, plans or whatever could help me to success ???

  3. Hi Katja, I saw this balance on the internet, but can’t remember where. I showed it to my husband and asked him to build it. I wrote a post on 8/15/11 titled Giant Balance Info that may help you to build one.

  4. Hi Pauline, can I please have a copy of your measurements for the Giant balance.

    • Hi Alisa, You can go to my “Giant Balance Info” post published on 8/15/11 to get more details about how my husband made the balance.

  5. Do you have plans for the scale?

    • Hi Teresa, I’m sorry I don’t have plans for the scale. I showed a picture to my husband and he built it several years ago.

  6. Argie F Satterwhite

    Please send instructions on how to build a large balance! I love it

    • I wish I could, send instructions. That’s a common request. Unfortunately my husband who built it has passed away.

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