Me, Myself, & I at the Preschool House

The children at the preschool home are beginning their school year learning about themselves. This week they made picture frames with Amber. During Chinese the three year olds are learning to introduce themselves and their friends to others. Teacher Helen has brought in two new Chinese songs for the children to learn. One is about friends and the other is to bring children together for their morning circle time. It will replace our current circle time song.

The first family assignment for the year was sent home this week. The children are creating a scrapbook for their classroom. This week families are helping their children create a page about themselves. These pages will be put in a book that the children will be able to look at and share with their friends. It will also be used for Chinese instruction throughout the year. We will add pages about the children’s families, our school, and our community. Samples of the children’s work will also be included in the book.

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